Autumn 2021

"I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them." - Diane Arbus

Autumn Season 2021 -2022

Current Events

Next Event: 23rd September

Barbie Lindsay , MPAGB, FBPE, EFIAP/s, AWPF - Creative Photography

A digital lecture covering a wide variety of creative techniques from the 'taking' stage through to various types of computer manipulations.

Her website can be found at

Tenby Battle for those who wish to attend

28th September

Talking Tuesdays: A look at the work of Photographer and Artist Ed Ruscha with Alan Harris MA (Photography).

30th September

PDI Competition - Open

Judge John Haines, M.C.P.F

7th October

Caroline Preece LRPS - Tools Not Rules

Caroline's photography is a reflection of both her life in London and her rural upbringing in a small country village in the South of England. She is drawn to human elements and documenting every day life, chance occurrences, captured moments, a look, a gaze, a feeling, an attitude, a time or a place. But then she seeks an escape from the hustle and bustle and create minimalist snowscapes and seascapes which for her represent 'space to breathe' away from the urban density of city life.

Her website can be found at

14th October

Saul Symis - Found Images

21st October

Astrid Mcgechan - Feel the Land - Photography And Emotion

Astrid uses a variety of techniques to capture her response to a scene and recreate it for the viewer through her photographs, such as long exposure, camera movement and deliberate defocusing. She loves exploring new cultures and feels equally compelled to capture the beautiful evening light by a lakeside, the strong graphic lines and reflections of city architecture or the essence of life and countryside of new locations abroad.

Her website can be found at

28th October

PDI Competition - 2 X Open, 1 X Themed

Lorraine Robins of St Austell CC will be judging

4th November

Carmarthen 4 Way - Carmarthen,, Towy Valley, Kidwelly, Trostre/Velindre

Judge TBC

11th November

Andrew Moss - 'He Shoots, He Scores!' Sports Photography

Andrew Moss is a London based photographer specialising in minority sports, location and street photography. Featured in the press and online in locations as varied as Wales on Sunday, Nikon In-Frame, Sport on Spec and Scacchipugliato. Officially accredited photographer by International Sports Press Association; British Cycling, Athletics and Canoeing; England Rugby, Hockey, Table Tennis and Netball amongst others.

His website can be found at

18th November

Critique Evening - CPS Members are invited to submit up to four images for critique and discussion.

25th November

Chris Upton - Thoresby, The End Of The Mine

Thoresby Colliery, the last pit in Nottinghamshire, closed in July 2015 bringing to an end over 900 years of mining in the county. This presentation tells the story of how the project came about, how it was shot and the resulting exhibition, AV, book and extensive publicity. A great example of "how to shoot a project".

His website can be found at

2nd December


9th December

Huw Alban - The Emotional Landscape

Some years ago, as a result of his images being presented on permanent public display, he sat down and took a long hard look at what he does behind a camera. The process of taking apart something that he'd evolved to do instinctively taught him a number of important lessons, and opened his eyes to new development opportunities. One of these eye-opening revelations was a realisation that mood and communication were an important part of his image creation process

his website can be found at

16th December

PDI Competition - Open

Judge - Dave Tucker EFIAP/g, DPAGB, CPAGB, BPE3*

23rd December

Virtual Christmas Party (?)

30th December

Christmas Break

Previous Events

2nd September

Opening Meeting for the Carmarthen Photographic Society 2021-2022 Season

9th September

Thinking In Sixes - Alan Harris - something a little different for this season

16th September

Dave Mason - Street Photography

Dave Mason is a British born photographer who takes great pleasure in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, often documenting the surreal happenings on city streets. His preference regarding the type of images that he produces is that they have an honesty about them, often being captured in camera with little, if any post processing.

His website can be found at