Spring 2022

"Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves." - Henry David Thoreau

Spring Season 2021 -2022 (Archive)

Current Events

April 14th

Easter Break

Previous Events

January 6th

CPS First Meeting of 2022

What Is A Photograph? A short look at the some of the properties of photographs as considered by the photographers John Szarkowski (The Photographers Eye) and Stephen Shore (The Nature Of Photographs) which will be followed by some discussion and socialising time!

January 13th

Chairmans Night

January 18th: Talking Tuesdays

Title: Sign of The Times – A COVID-19 Project ... and it's still going on!

Following on from my first ‘Sign of the Times’ talk I presented to CPS & PAC earlier in 2021, this talk discusses how the UK got used to the ‘new’ normal and started to recover following the lifting of restrictions. It’s all about how the photographer interprets the photos following Freedom Day across the UK and how we got used to it. All the photos you see in this presentation document a particular time of recovery from the pandemic such as reopening of businesses, but we also see the ongoing problems caused by Covid such as the ‘pingdemic’ and how some of the restrictions actually remained after Freedom Day due to business wanting to keep restriction in place and businesses remaining closed due to shortages as a result of positive covid test results.

January 20th: CPS Club Evening.

Thinking In Sixes Presentations

January 27th

Critique Night with ESCC Part I

This evening we will be giving our critiques of the 12 images that have been sent to us from East Sutherland Camera Club. The critiques will then be compiled and sent to ESCC for their consideration.

February 1st

CPS "Talking Tuesdays"

Alan Harris: Inspiration: What Inspires You To Pick Up A Camera?

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” ― Ansel Adams

What is that makes you want to pick up a camera and make an image? Why photograph? There are so many possible reasons but tonight I want to take a look at what inspires me to make work - is it the poetry of Idris Davies, R.S. Thomas, Wendell Berry and Philip Larkin or the paintings of Norman Cornish, Tom Guiness, David Bellamy and David Weston. Perhaps its the novels of Jasper Fforde, Alan M. Kent, Malcolm Pryce and K.R. Jones. It might even be the music of Show of Hands, The Manic Street Preachers, Public Service Broadcasting and Dafydd Iwan. Of course it might be the Landscape that surrounds you - so many possibilities and I haven’t even began to touch upon the work of photographers like Don McCullin, Chris Killip, Phillip Jones-Griffiths and so many others…. Whatever it is, why not bring it along and join in the discussion….

February 3rd

Erica Oram - The View From Here

Emma is a member of Sheffield Photographic Society who admits that she doesn't have much time for practical photography so as learnt to make the best use of whatever opportunities come her way. She tries to be creative both in camera and in photoshop in order to try and create something a bit different. In this talk Emma will be presenting her latest work on this theme.

Some examples of Emma's work can be viewed at flickr.com/photos/silverbellsandcockleshells/

February 10th

PDI Competition - Open / Themed - 1 X Open Image, 1 X Themed Image

PDI Competition: Only two are required images, 1 X Open and 1 X Themed - An image made within a circular frame, no part of the enclosing circle should touch the borders of any rectangular or square frame that may be used. You will also need to submit a short 'statement of intent' for each image. Further guidance will be issued to members via email.

Judge - Caroline Preece

February 15th

Talking Tuesdays - Nicola George: A Different Way Of Looking At Things

I like taking and making images that are a little different from the norm. This includes images made in camera, such as ICM and double exposures, but also manipulating my photos in post processing with textures, filters and brush work. I particularly like producing images with patterns and showing the natural world in an unconventional way. I will show some of my work with before and after images. Hopefully this will lead to a discussion about this type of creative photography. How do you view it? Do you create images using digital and/or physical media with your photographs? Let's have a chat about it.

February 17th

General club night - we will be reviewing the images form the PDI competitions to date and discussing the talks we have received since the start of the 2021-2022 season

February 24th

Critique Night with ESCC Part II

We have received the critique on the images submitted to ESCC and will be reviewing both the images and comments that have been made on them

March 3rd

Carmarthen 4 Way

March 10th

Matthew Browne - AstroPhotography

Astrophotography is one of the most technically challenging but rewarding genres of photography.

This talk describes my complete workflow in planning, executing and post-processing images which combine the night sky with the beautiful landscapes of Wales. You will learn about how to shoot celestial objects such as:

  • Meteor showers

  • The Milky Way

  • The International Space Station

  • The Moon

I will explain how best to achieve these images using entry-level equipment as well as describing what can be achieved with more specialist lenses.

His website can be found at https://www.mathewbrowne.co.uk/

March 15th

Talking Tuesdays : Philip Jones Griffiths

A brief look at the work of the Rhuddlan born Welsh photographer, probably best known for his work in Vietnam (Vietnam Inc. Agent Orange, Vietnam at Peace) who went on to become one of the Presidents of the Magnum Photographc Agency.

March 17th

David Keep - A Project Based Approach To Photography- producing images with the Wow factor.

We’re all looking to create powerful images that stand out from the crowd and I'll describe my approach in trying to achieve this aim by taking a logical, project based approach. From initial concept, contact building, planning and shooting, right through to the processing techniques I use on some of my award winning images, nothing will be held back.

His website can be found at davidkeepphotography.co.uk/

March 24th

Annual General Meeting

March 29th

“Talking Tuesdays” 29/03/22 - David Hurn

“Born in the UK, but of Welsh parents, David Hurn is a self-taught photographer who began his career in 1955 as an assistant at the Reflex Agency. Whilst a freelance photographer, he gained his early reputation with his reportage of the 1956 Hungarian revolution. He became an associate member of Magnum in 1965 and a full member in 1967. In 1973, he set up the famous School of Documentary Photography in Newport, Wales. He resigned in 1989. He has since been in constant demand to lecture and do workshops around the world”

Excerpt for the Magnum profile of David Hurn

This talk will take a brief look at the work of David Hurn mainly through the volumes “Wales: Land of my father” and “Living in Wales” supplemented with various examples of his other work.

March 31st

Diane Seddon ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3* - Odd Things

Diane is based near Louth in Lincolnshire, and has been making photographs for around 20 years - before that film, and processing in the darkroom. She has spent a good part of those years working as a commercial and event photographer, retiring in April 2018 to concentrate more on personal projects. Odd Things is a general talk about camera creativity – thinking outside the box, and getting your images noticed.

April 7th

Club Evening