PDI Competition Round 2 Results

Images are copyright of their respective authors.

Thank you to Dennis Russ who judged the 2nd round of the PDI Competition for us.

Dragonfly just come out by Sandra Baressi

Having a cwtch by Sandra Baressi

Casper by Sam Owens

Christmas by Sarah Evans

Igazu by Peter Cule

Antarctic Penninsula by Peter Cule

Bell pepper seed by Jeff Fugler

Leaves by Jeff Fugler

Poppies by Caroline Starzewski

Burry inlet at low tide by Ian Thomas

Burnt Wood by Sue Porter

Fading Beauty by Ian Thomas

Street performer - Lanzarote by Ian Thomas

Chinook Falklands by Peter Cule

Still Standing by Jeff Fugler

Vaquera by Joe Rosie

Jay and nut by Sandra Baressi

The snail's tulip journey by Jacqui Salisbury

Shore things by John Starzewski

Barn owl in autumn by Nicky Rhodes

Sing in the blues by John Starzewski

Dark side of the egg by John Starzewski

Cherished memories by Saul Symis