PDI Competition Round 3

Images are copyright of their respective authors.

Thank you to Chris Warren who judged the 3rd round of the PDI Competition for us.

Flamenco Daners - Ian Thomas

May be a long time - Gerald Marsh

Lapwing - Sandra Baressi

Skull in mono - Kat Matthews

Sunset silhouette - Peter Cule

Hippo Charge - Peter Cule

Tranquil evening - Sue Porter

Eyes of a killer - Kat Matthews

Sprigan - Neil Thomas

Dewdrop in wax - Mary Pipkin

Clouds - Mathew Browne

Zurich - Mathew Browne

Orange reflections - Ian Thomas

Storm at Aber - Nicky Rhodes

Carmarthen 2024 - Ryan Marsh

An Oeuf is an Oeuf - Ian Thomas

Lagomar Lanzarote - Nicky Rhodes

Frozen Fractals - Gerald Marsh

Yellow Billed Stork - Peter Cule

Shady Business - Sue Porter

Falling Leaf - John Starzewski

Spotted dress - Mick Halligan

Contemplation - Neil Thomas

Small White - Mary Pipkin

Fern - Jo Debenham-Ansty

Egret - Sandra Barresi

Odd One Out - Sandra Barresi

Carthage - Mathew Browne

Mating in Flight - John Starzewski

Kestrel in Prey - Neil Thomas

Autumn Leaf - Jacqui Salisbury

Scarlet Lily Beetle - Jo Debenham-Ansty

Sky Walker - Nicky Rhodes

Bee ware!! - Nicky Rhodes

Go Faster - Mick Halligan

The Jersey - Mick Halligan

Ready to Dive - Mick Halligan

Feeding Time - Jacqui Salisbury

Bahrain - Mathew Browne

Eurasian Hoopoe - Move over Darling - Neil Thomas