Each member of Carmarthen Photographic Society can choose to have up to 4 of their own images hosted on the Carmarthen Photographic Society website. The images shown below do not include the work of all the club members.

Members 2023 - 2024 

'An eerie day on the beach' - Ewan Richards

'Aberfan' - Ewan Richards

'The Worm's Head at Sunset' - Ewan Richards

'The old Church Bell' - Ewan Richards

'Nun on a Bike' - Mary Pipkin

'Sliced' - Mary Pipkin

'Sweet Peas' - Mary Pipkin

'Doorbell's - Mary Pipkin

'Mike Hayward' - John Starzewski

'Robin at Lunch' - John Starzewski

'Flying Eye Contact' - John Starzewski

'Suspicious Jay' - John Starzewski

'Look, no feet' - Nicky Rhodes

'Lampeter in Infrared' - Nicky Rhodes

'Lagomar Lanzarote' - Nicky Rhodes

'Fish Kebab' - Nicky Rhodes